sabato 2 dicembre 2017

Losing eleven on Striped music

Hello friends we're proud to tell you our collaboration with Striped Music goes on and our new cd LOSING ELEVEN will be available soon! Now you can purchase it in a cool digipack version!

Check Striped Music for more info and for the coolest punkrock online store of the world!

The Chromosomes

mercoledì 11 ottobre 2017

New cd out! At last!

Here we are friends, Losing Eleven is out, 11 songs, punk rock and nothing else. You can stream it here and you can purchase it payin' a low price!
You could have the chance to watch us live on friday 13th here or on saturday 14th here

Very special thanks to Ale Sportelli for his great job recordin and mixin, Ronnie Orroz for the amazing artwork and Francesco Bracci for the layout.

We want to thank Gabba Gabba De and I buy Records for their support.

check it out!!!

The Chromosomes

martedì 25 luglio 2017

Punk rock raduno memories!

Well, it's not easy to speak about the last Punk Rock Raduno. It was a great experience, we had the chance to play with lots of amazing bands and meet an ocean of friends! We met new friends too of course!!!

First night (friday) we went there just to enjoy the scene and music, drink beers and talk. We enjoyed the Dr Frank show, it was great to see him live after 20 years!
Sat night was our night, we played 35 min. and we put all our passion to make the crowd happy and it was great to see them dance and sing!

That's why we want to thank Franz, Andrea, Diego and Bruno for their enormous job to make it happen, and it happened soooo good!

Here below two clips from the late afternoon, enjoy!

Thanks to Max Ramone and Maite Urquiza!

The Chromosomes

giovedì 1 giugno 2017

Yep! Lyric surfin' video of a new song for the Punk rock Raduno 2017

Here you are a new funny sunny surfin lyric video of a song out for the Punkrockraduno 2017

Thanks to Camillo MILLO Monci for the passion and the amazing job done!

 Your band,
The Chromosomes

lunedì 15 maggio 2017

Punk Rock Raduno poster and more!

Ciao Friends

this is another amazing poster from the PunkRock Raduno mega-event!

Anyway we are goin to play some shows before july and don't miss the chance to have fun with us.
Come to see us play in Genova on may 23th
(if you don't have any facebook account check the live-show box on the right column for more info!)

Your band, The Chromosomes

giovedì 16 marzo 2017

Punk Rock Raduno 2017, Here we are!

Great news today!
This sunny spring brings us the chance to play at Punk Rock Raduno 2017 and we're proud of it!
Along with some of the coolest punk rock bands around, from all over the world.

Can't wait to get on stage and give you the best we can.

See you there guys, and more good news are about to be announced!

The Chromosomes